Garden Bed Maintenance

Garden Bed Maintenance


We provide our clients with all the range of services:

Edging; In order to keep your garden looking its best edging is a must. Without proper edging, plants can overgrow their boundaries, making your garden look messy. Let Red Carpet Landscaping save you backbreaking work, by allowing our expert team to edge around your garden.

Mulching; There are few better ways to ensure that the soil around your garden is fertile than by applying mulch. Mulch will help to hold in moisture during those long summer days while adding to the appearance of the garden.

Fertilizing; With so many different types of fertilizers on the market, it can be hard to decide which one is right for your garden. Our staff has significant experience and knowledge of fertilizers and they will be able to set you up with a mixture that will promote exceptional plant growth.

Weeding and Cultivating; There are few things that can hurt the appearance of a garden or flower bed like weeds. Not only are weeds an eyesore, but they can also harm other plants by taking away vital nutrients in the soil. Our staff will scour every area to ensure that there are no weeds to detract from your flowers.

Pruning; Are your shrubs becoming overgrown? If so, do not fret, but instead let our expert pruner’s come to your home and take care of those overgrown shrubs and trees.

Fall Flower Bed and Garden Cleanup; As the summer months come to a close, it is important to remove any debris that has accrued in the flower beds. We will make sure that your flower bed is properly prepped before winter set in.

Winterizing; One of the best ways to ensure that your flower bed will be ready come next spring is to winterize it. Our experts will be able to wrap shrubs and apply rose covers so that they will survive the colder temperatures.

All you need to do is contact our representative via phone or email and describe what is your issue. We will consult you and provide with the list of works that will need to be done. Our expert will visit you at the most convenient time for you.